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Company History

D'Boiss, the brand, was born in Tallinn Estonia after the overwhelming frustration of not been able to find the beautiful and high quality shoes I was used to in London. I was looking but could not find anything and faced with the only solution- being regular trips back to London I decided I would make them myself then I could have exactly what I wanted and also sell them to other similar minded males in Tallinn, who also described the same problem.
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D'Boiss, the person, was born in 1977 in York, Yorkshire, in a city as historic as Tallinn which is why I probably feel so at home here. Before D'Boiss the brand, Luke, the person, had a long career in the world of Retail Sales and mostly Men’s and Women’s shoes, which included working for some of England's finest shoe retailers including the highlight of my career Selfridges Shoes where I was privileged to work with over 100 of the world’s leading Super Brands including Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Prada and I think it was at this point in my life I really made a decision that one day I would design my own shoes… after all how hard could it be!
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D'Boiss, the brand took me some time to decide but once I had got the name it took only weeks to go from idea to the conception of the shop at Pärnu mnt 12, Tallinn, D'Boiss was born of Du Bois meaning "of wood". This of course refers to all Hand Made leather shoes being born on a wooden last, the cool thing was that Du Bois where the original Dobbs, my surname- so it was a must have. But I also love the association of French design who I believe have the world’s most amazing men's shoes Berluti!
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D'Boiss, the person's, goal in life is to live in a log cabin in the forest! (That’s what a life on the London Underground does to you) so I guess that's also how I ended up in Estonia! Therefore the conception of D'Boiss the brand is that we will make a small number of shoes exclusively and extremely well for men who will cherish and appreciate them the most. The business will always remain small and focused and able to appeal only to those who seek quality and unique design.
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D'Boiss, the shoes, are designed on what I see and what I love myself. They are handmade in Italy, Milan, Bologne and Vigevano, their quality speaks for itself, and one point most people in this industry fail to consider or talk about is that they are comfortable and wearable, taking into account weather conditions what they will be used for, ensuring every expectation of the customer is met! The daily operations, the brand, the person, the web, happen in Tallinn, but maybe one day from the log cabin that I have been dreaming about for so long!
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D'Boiss, the brand, is a shoe company that designs 2 ready to wear collections a year and aims to deliver every mans needed shoe style for every occasion which as you know could be quite a number of styles, which is why I added bespoke made to measure to my range giving everyone the chance to reach their own vision of a pair of shoes uniquely designed by themselves and of course in the perfect fit. The designs of my shoes are created to make the wearer look classic but with a modern twist as well.
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The Brand will grow, mature so to define who D'Boiss actually is now...... , well let’s say I can’t, all I want is for the brand to be loved and my designs of shoes to be loved as much as I love them for years to come. For more information, visit our store D'Boiss Pärnu mnt 12, Tallinn, Estonia