About Us

D'Boiss was established in Tallinn in 2012 by Luke Dobbs to provide individual males with alternative and classic shoes of high quality. Italian craftsmen, using locally sourced fine leathers, make styles exclusively for D'Boiss in Italy. D'Boiss Italian partners Enzo Bonafé & Patrick Zamparini shoes are available from some of the world's leading fashion, luxury, boutiques, department and online stores and in over 10 countries around the world.

In the Autumn of 2016 D’Boiss through its success in Shoes extended its Bespoke range to Tailoring, Shirts, Coats, Leather Jackets and Leather Accessories and evolved to become a Bespoke Label.

Our Company has 3 Values to which we never waver from :

· Made In Italy using the highest Quality and Skilled Factories.

· All products are Bespoke or Made to Measure.

· We provide a product which is brand less and one of a kind.