Shoe Care

Our shoes are produced with care and craftsmanship, using top-quality raw materials.

In order to maintain over time the highest-quality standards for our shoes, it is important you also have a dedicated range of shoe care products.

We strongly recommend not using instant polishes, wax or products not tested by professionals as they could dry, crack and therefore split leathers of your precious footwear over a period of time.

Shoe trees: Shoe care begins with daily usage of wooden shoe trees to maintain the shape, remove moisture and improve the cleaning process by keeping the leather tight. Plastic shoe trees are also suitable for travel purposes as they are much lighter.

Cleaning: Clean carefully your leather shoe with a damp cloth, (both on the bottom and on the upper) and let the shoes dry for few minutes. Complete by brushing carefully with a horse bristle brush, for removing dirt only.

Polishing: Rub some cream evenly and lightly on the upper using a woolen cloth and let it dry for ten minutes. Be careful to use a different cloth for different colors. Choose a cream color similar to that of the leather, or with a lighter shade if you cannot find a suitable color then always use neutral cream.

Brushing: Once the cream is dried, brush the shoe with a horse bristle brush (in order to avoid scratching leather) and again make sure you have a different brush for different colors do not use a dark brush on light shoes. Finally use a new clean woolen cloth ( for polishing only ) to clear out all leftover cream and obtain a bright polished result.
Suede: For suede shoes, we recommend using protective spray, specific for the protection of the upper and also a suede brush or block, again using a different color brush or block for every color of suede you may have. Color sprays and sponges are not recommended only to replace a faded color but not for everyday use.