Bespoke Shirts Process

Each shirt speaks for itself, and our style is meant to speak for all!
At D’Boiss we believe in timeless quality of Made in Italy and the value it expresses.

For this reason we selected exclusively for you the best fabrics for high level tailoring from Enrico Monti one of Italy’s most famous luxury shirt makers since 1911.

We are ready to give shape and color to your request

We can personalize upon request bases, yarns, designs, colors and finishing’s so all of our products meet with our customer's requirements.

Contact us now to receive more information and submit us your idea.

A beautiful shirt starts from the fabric!

An exclusive service for you: several proposals with a refined and classic style for your custom tailored shirt.

The most suitable cutting for your needs.

Our Bespoke service is dedicated to tailors, garment makers, craftsmen and to anyone who would like to create a made-to-measure shirt starting from an exclusive high quality fabric. More than a century of attention to details and the use of the best Egyptian cottons make our Bespoke shirts unique and guarantee an added value to your product.. Be inspired by our Popeline, Twill, Oxford, Zephyr, Panama and much more with a choice of over 200 fabrics